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We all love to eat ice creams which keeps us chill and refresh in these hot summers and what’s better than if we made them at home. So today I’ll make you learn four different flavoured Ice cream recipes that you can make in just five minutes & that also cost you the minimum than Market Price.

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Ingredients Required To Make Flavoured Ice Creams :

# Ice Cream Base

Fresh Cream
Condensed Milk as sweetener
Vanilla Essnece

Ice Cream Base is common in each recipe

1. Gems Ice Cream
Ice cream Base

2. Oreo Chocolate Ice cream
Cream Base
Oreo Biscuits

3. Mixed Fruit ice Cream
Cream Base
Fruits like Pomegranate, Apple, Mango

4. Gummy Bear Jelly Ice Cream
Cream Base
Gummy Bear Jellies

Presented By : Nisha Topwal
DOP: Vishal Vaish
Edited By: Pankaj Topwal

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