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Consuming curd is essential during summers but often we get bored of eating that plain curd. So today I am going to share with you five different curd recipes that are high on taste and nutrition. I’m sure you’ll love them all.

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Ingredients Required :

1. Mixed Vegetable Curd

Green chilli
Salt & chaat masala

2. Mixed Fruit Curd

Mango Pulp
Sugar (optional)

3. Muesli Curd


4. DryFruit Curd

Dry Coconut
Dried Grapes(Kishmish)
Dry Berries

5. Aloo Dahi/Curd

Boiled Potato
Red Chilli Powder
Boiled Potato
Chaat Masala

Presented By : Nisha Topwal
DOP: Vishal Vaish
Edited By: Rahul Singh

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Nisha Topwal

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