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MaaTri, represents the most beautiful relationship between a mother and a daughter – Nisha Topwal & Anantya Anand aka. MyMissAnand.

MaaTri is formed through a combination of two Hindi words – Maa (Mother) and PuTri (daughter) that brings forth energy, enthusiasm and determination to spread positive vibes through their outstanding content. Their content revolves around fashion, food, comedy, parenting, travel, glimpse of their family and simple day-to-day activities that both enjoy doing together.
The duo captures a contemporary lifestyle of entrepreneur and food blogger mom and a teenage daughter and a social media influencer and shows how they both manage their work, school and personal life – simple pleasure of growing together, through engaging videos and fun visuals. Every post is curated and designed to make the audience laugh, learn, smile and entertain.

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Chicken Burgers and a Tantrum

If you resemble me, you have no persistence. Which suggests that an outburst at 5pm misbehaves news for both you and also said temper tantrum designer. Yet prior to you do something you’ll regret later on, swiftly place junior in a really lengthy time-out and also take your aggressiveness out on a good plan of ground chicken.

Blue Moons, Ice Skates, and Cocoa

So, I took my youngest boy ice skating, wow, I neglected just how enjoyable it might be. I was moved strongly two times to rent out some skates and also venture out on the ice with my kid. Nevertheless, fear got the far better of me, as well as I silently scolded myself, for not being even more outbound.

Paleo Recipes Resource: Give Your Meals Some Variety

Paleolithic diet regimen or Paleo diet as it is typically known is getting incredibly popular and also it is taken into consideration one of the healthiest diets available. Paleo diet plan relies upon food that has helpful nutrients for a healthy lifestyle and also at the very same time it relies upon food with couple of nutrients that can cause some kind of diseases. It is an extremely healthy diet plan where great nutrients are a majority.

Delicious Banana Q

Filipinos enjoys sugary foods like cakes, ice creams, chocolates and also fruit treats. There are several kinds of delicious food in the Philippines and also among them is banana Q. Banana is plentiful in the Philippines and we typically like consuming banana Q at “miryenda” (treat) or simply consuming it whenever of the day.

Quick and Easy Breads Hot From the Oven

Among one of the most alluring scents that can permeate a home is the fragrance of fresh baked bread. Baking bread can be a really time consuming task, yet there are recipes that make it simple for also a starting baker. Freshly baked breads are terrific for morning meal, lunch or dinner. Visualize beginning the day with a fresh baked cinnamon roll or fruit muffins. Try Texas Toast or Cheese Biscuits for supper. Whatever your favorite, there is nothing as heartfelt as the fragrance of cooking bread.

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